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Welcome to the Village of Montebello

Our community located in Rockland, NY is a vibrant diverse mix of residents. Montebello is approximately 4.75 square miles bounded by the Village of Suffern on the West, the Palisades Park on the North, Spook Rock and Airmont Roads on the East, and Dunnigan Drive to Hemion Road and Route 59 on the South.


No Knock Registry

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Please be reminded per Local Law No 2 of 2016, a Do Not Knock Registry, was added to our Code as §129-11.  At that same time the Code was clarified to make certain that “the listing of real property for…
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Your Guide to Texting 9-1-1

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To best respond to an emergency situation, call-takers, dispatchers, and first responders need your help. Familiarize yourself and those living or visiting your home with the following tips to ensure that the 9-1-1 call-taker will be able to process your…
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