The Zoning Board of Appeals is an appointed Board that is charged with the duty of hearing appeals from any decisions of the Building Inspector. While it is the Board of Trustees that enacts the zoning laws, it is the Zoning Board of Appeals which decides on individual applications for variances from these laws. The application for a variance may be based upon a non-conforming “use” or purpose of the property or it may be based upon a non-conforming “area” relating to the dimensions or physical requirements of the zoning.


  • Rodney Gittens, Chairman
  • Carl Wanderman, Member
  • Janet Gigante, Member
  • Elizabeth Dugandzic, Member
  • Ezra Bryan, Member
  • Alyse Terhune, Assistant Village Attorney



Zoning Board of Appeals meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of each month. However, dates may vary due to holiday schedules. Please check the online village calendar for each scheduled meeting

2022-07-28 ZBA MINUTES278.5 KB54
2022-06-16 ZBA MINUTES187.5 KB54
2022-06-01 ZBA MINUTES82.1 KB73
2022-05-19 ZBA MINUTES115.6 KB98
2022-03-17 ZBA MINUTES96.3 KB31
2022-02-17 ZBA MINUTES82.9 KB135
2022-01-20-ZBA Minutes174.4 KB92
2021-12-16 ZBA Minutes83.9 KB100
2021-06-17 ZBA Minutes262.2 KB103
2021-04-15 ZBA Minutes133.4 KB162
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