O&R New Customer Service System

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To better serve customers, Orange and Rockland is updating its Customer Service System. Consequently, all customers will receive new account numbers, effective October 10, 2023.

While most customers will not need to take any action, those who pay their bills directly through their bank will need to update their account number with their bank. We will notify the customers affected.

To keep our customers informed about this change, we have initiated outreach via bill messaging, emails, social media, and other channels — a campaign that began in July and is ongoing.

Please note that during the transition to the new system over Indigenous People’s/Columbus Day weekend (Friday through Monday, October 7 through 9, 2023), customers will not have access to their online accounts.

A Q&A document is available in both English and Spanish, providing further information about the new system.  For additional details, or to access the document in other languages, visit our website at www.oru.com/NEWCUSTOMERSERVICESYSTEM.

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