Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony


Welcome to today’s virtual ceremony and thank you for attending.

I have the honor today on placing the wreath by our flag on Village Hall grounds as we have done in the past along with Deputy Mayor Stacy Caridi and her daughter Nicole Caridi, who is currently serving as a nurse in NYC helping those who need help at this time.

I would like to thank Fiona O’Brien for once again singing ”God Bless America” today as she has done in previous years.

Memorial Day is a day of reflection and remembrance of those who died while serving in the military. A Day to honor our service members and to remember the sacrifices they have made in honor of duty, honor, and country.

The men and women who have given their lives in service to this nation are indisputably heroes. When their country called, they answered. Each took it upon themselves to serve faithfully and to their fullest.

We must remember their achievements, their courage, and their dedication and to say thank you for their sacrifices.

Memorial Day is the day we as the country come together to honor and remember our servicemen and women who answered America’s call to service and paid the ultimate price. Memorial Day is the time for Americans as one body to stand up and say,

“Thank you. We remember you. We are grateful to you.”

We must keep the fallen in our minds and keep their families and friends in our heart – for it is their immense collective sacrifices that have helped keep our country safe and free.

Today, I would also like to thank another group of heroes, all essential workers and first responders and in particular our essential health care workers, who have also put their lives on the line and without hesitation have stepped up and answered the call to help all people during the Covid pandemic in this unprecedented time in history.

We thank you for your work and we must also remember those who have died during their sacrifice.

We remain strong and must work together as one.

Thank you and you will always be in our thoughts and memories forever now and in the future.

Mayor Lance Millman


Gettysburg Address

God Bless America sung by Fiona O’Brien Video

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