The Board of Trustees has the power to manage all village property and finances. This power extends to setting tax rates and fee schedules that generate revenue for the Village as well as authorizing expenditures for all municipal purposes. The Board of Trustees is also empowered to enact local laws for the safety, health, comfort and general welfare of the residents of the Village and for the preservation and protection of public works such as roads, street lighting and public buildings.


  • Lance N. Millman – Mayor
  • Stacy Caridi – Deputy Mayor
  • Melanie Golden – Trustee
  • David A. Liebergall – Trustee
  • Bruce Egenhauser – Trustee
  • Warren E. Berbit, Esq. – Village Attorney

Lance N. Millman


Stacy Caridi

Deputy Mayor
Portrait of Melanie Golden

Melanie Golden

Portrait of Bruce Eganhauser

Bruce Egenhauser

Portrait of David Liebergall

David A. Liebergall



Village Board meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of each month. However, dates may vary due to holiday schedules. Please check the online village calendar for each scheduled meeting. See below for the most recent meeting minutes.  Please keep in mind that minutes are not published until they are approved.  Approval and corrections are handled at the next scheduled meeting (usual in the following month).

2023-09-20 BOT Minutes154.5 KB48
2023-08-16 BOT Minutes276.0 KB39
2023-07-19 BOT Minutes161.2 KB37
2023-06-21 BOT Minutes206.4 KB112
2023-05-07 BOT Minutes247.6 KB75
2023-04-19 BOT Minutes205.8 KB72
2023-03-15 BOT Minutes163.8 KB67
2023-02-15 BOT Minutes147.2 KB19
2023-01-18 BOT Minutes179.3 KB212
2022-12-21 BOT Minutes168.5 KB172
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