The Planning Board has the responsibility to review site plans submitted for real estate development prior to construction. In reviewing the site plans, the Planning Board considers such elements as environmental impact, access, parking, screening, signs, landscaping, location and dimensions of buildings, adjacent land use and physical features meant to protect those uses. The Planning Board then makes recommendations to the applicant with respect to those elements before decision whether to accept the site plan.


  • Anthony Caridi, Chairman
  • Thomas Ternquist, Member
  • Stan Shipley, Member
  • David Levine, Member
  • Marlo Dickman, Member
  • Joan Materna, Ad Hoc



Planning Board meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of each month. However, dates may vary due to holiday schedules. Please check the online village calendar for each scheduled meeting.

2023-01-10 PB MINUTES165.6 KB66
2022-11-08 PB MINUTES245.0 KB82
2022-09-13 PB MINUTES113.7 KB84
2022-08-09 PB MINUTES120.9 KB154
2022-07-12 PB Minutes216.3 KB123
2022-06-14 PB MINUTES107.8 KB135
2022-05-10 PB MINUTES165.4 KB121
2022-04-12 PB MINUTES115.5 KB239
2022-03-08 PB MINUTES152.8 KB235
2022-02-08 PB MINUTES242.3 KB259
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