Comprehensive planning is a process that determines community goals and aspirations in terms of community development. The outcome of comprehensive planning is the Comprehensive Plan which dictates public policy in terms of transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing.


The following are the members of the Comprehensive Plan Review Commission:

  • Melanie Golden, Chairperson
  • Janet Gigante
  • Jack Barbera
  • Amy Rapoport
  • Carl Wanderman
  • Don Wanamaker
  • Anthony Piazza
  • Lisa Levin
  • Maximillian Stach, Village Planner
  • Matthew Ryan, Village Planner
  • Ira Emanuel, Assistant Village Attorney

The Commission is reviewing and updating the 2003 and 2009 Comprehensive Plans and the Economic Development Plan.

Download the final version of the 2017 Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Montebello.


Minutes are available for viewing online. Please select from the list below to view the minutes you desire to view.

2017-08-08 CPRC Minutes9.7 MB1059
2017-05-15 CPRC Minutes105.4 KB288
2017-04-03 CPRC Minutes861.9 KB329
2017-03-13 CPRC Minutes454.4 KB332
2017-02-27 CPRC Minutes85.7 KB475
2017-02-06 CPRC Minutes111.8 KB267
2017-01-19 CPRC Minutes445.0 KB311
2017-01-09 CPRC Minutes61.9 KB327
2016-12-19 CPRC Minutes58.7 KB287
2016-08-24 CPRC Minutes994.1 KB591
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