Welcome to the Village of Montebello Historic Resources Web Map

In July a new feature has been added to the Village of Montebello website that allows visitors to view an interactive map tool that displays Montebello historic resources. The map is available under the Resources menu of the website. The following are some directions that visitors can use this new feature.

To Zoom In or Out, Pan around the Map

  • Use the Plus and Minus signs on the lower right to zoom in or out.
  • To move around on the map, left click anywhere on the map and hold the left button down, while you drag the map to the desired location.

To Get Information on a Historic Resource

  • Left click on any colored feature, and a table of information will pop-up, in a moment.
  • To read the full contents of the pop-up window, use the dark grey slider bar on the right side of the pop-up window.
  • For many features, photographs are available. If you see the rows marked “Photo,” “Photo 2” or “Photo 3,” that have the word “View” in the right column, click on the word “View” and a photograph will appear.
  • The “Notes” box in the pop-up table contain names, year built, key dates, and other facts associated with the property, if such information is available.

Using the Legend

  • The legend on the left side shows the meaning of the symbols on the map. You can use the dark grey slider bar on the right side of the legend to scroll down to see more symbols.
  • In the black bar to the farthest left, you may push the “layers” icon (that looks like a stack of papers) to turn off any layers you do not wish to view. The transparency of each layer can also be adjusted.
  • In the black bar furthest to the left, you may push the base map button, the third one down, to change the base. If “imagery” is selected, you can see aerial photography of the area you are viewing underneath the colored features.
  • At the bottom of the black bar furthest to the left, you may select the printer icon, to print your view as a pdf file.

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