Rockland County Capping Sales Tax On Gasoline

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Gasoline Sales Tax Capped at $2 Through February 2023

New City, NY, – Rockland County Executive Ed Day and County Legislature Chairman Jay Hood Jr. are happy to announce the local sales tax on motor fuel will be capped at $2 per gallon. The change means sales tax will only be applied to the first $2 of a gasoline purchase, opposed to the full gas price consumers are currently paying which is now over $4 a gallon.

The 2022 New York State Budget provides a suspension of the state excise and sales tax, providing a combined 16 cents per gallon savings to consumers, from June 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022.

To provide additional savings to Rockland County families, the County Executive and County Legislature made the joint decision to cap the local sales tax on motor fuel at $2 per gallon effective June 1, 2022, through February 28, 2023, two months longer than New York State’s tax suspensions.

At the current price of gasoline, this cap will generate approximately 8 cents in additional savings for consumers which, when coupled with state tax suspensions, should result in an estimated 24 cents in relief at the gas pump starting this summer.

County officials chose not to suspend the motor fuel sales tax entirely to avoid a major deficit in this year’s 2022 budget.

Rockland County officials hope this resolution, combined with the actions of New York State, provides financial relief to families.

County Executive Ed Day said, “Between the record-inflation, rising gas prices, and the pandemic, our families need help now and Rockland County leadership worked expeditiously to deliver it. The role of government is to create an environment where residents can thrive, not to make money or profiteer off families feeling the duress of a strained economy. We hope that this cap provides some much-needed reprieve to Rockland County families. We are committed to doing whatever we can to support our residents and will not stop working to improve the lives of those who call this county home.”

County Legislature Chairman Jay Hood Jr. said, “Sticker shock is a harsh reality for many Rockland County families as the prices of so many basics – eggs, meat, gas – have soared.  It’s part of County government’s job to recognize the needs of people and to act and bringing some relief at the gas pump is an important way we can help. I am glad the Legislature was able to collaborate with the County Executive to bring about this needed relief. This is the way government should work for the people.”

County Legislature Minority Leader Lon Hofstein said, “The residents of Rockland County are suffering significant financial hardship due to the skyrocketing prices of gasoline. As elected officials, we need to find solutions to help our constituents. I, along with members of the minority, brought the matter of reducing the sales tax on gasoline before the Legislature. The resolution passed by the Legislature and signed by the County Executive will be beneficial to the residents of Rockland County.”

County Legislature Budget & Finance Chairman Aron Wieder said, “People are being squeezed financially on so many fronts, including for food and even the price of keeping their home warm. Something had to be done to bring relief to people who have no choice but to drive to work, the grocery store, the doctor’s office, and other places. We can’t control everything contributing to the increases, but we can bring at least some relief by suspending the gas tax.”

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