Notice of Public Hearing on Local Law 1 of 2024



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Public Hearing will be held on Wednesday March 20, 2024, beginning at 7:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard to consider adopting a local law to amend the Rural Preservation Overlay District, and to conduct a SEQRA review of the proposed Stonehedge Heights Subdivision which would be enabled by the proposed local law.


The Stonehedge Heights Subdivision is proposed at 220 Spook Rock Road, Tax Map SB# 49.13-1-13. The subject lot contains 16.68 acres and is located in the Estate Residential Zoning District with Rural Preservation Overlay (RPO). The proposed subdivision project would create 5 lots with 20 dwelling units, as follows:


  1. a) Lot 1: Will contain the existing historic Minetto farmhouse and outbuildings including an accessory caretaker’s cottage (1 dwelling unit, with accessory cottage).
  2. b) Lot 2: Will be developed with 16 new condominium units in 8 duplex buildings with accessory pools and a pool house (16 new dwelling units).

c} Lots 3,4, & 5:

Will be developed each with new one-family residences (3 new dwelling units).


The Spook Rock Historic and Scenic Road corridor and Historic District Minetto Farmstead buildings will be preserved. A proposed planimetric plan has been submitted for Stonehedge Heights, with the latest revision date of February 9, 2024.


To enable the proposed project, a new Local Law No. 1 of 2024 is proposed, entitled: “A LOCAL LAW AMENDING CHAPTER 195, ZONING, TO ADJUST THE STANDARDS FOR THE RURAL PRESERVATION OVERLAY DISTRICT TO PROMOTE THE PRESERVATION OF THE MINETTO FARM HISTORIC FARMHOUSE,” thus amending Chapters 195 of the Village Code, as more particularly set forth in said Local Law, but summarized as follows.


  1. The definition of a duplex is simplified.
  2. The standards for a cluster subdivision in the Rural Preservation are amended by allowing two-family duplexes to be substituted for single family homes, with limitations to ensure preservation of historic buildings, to preserve the Historic and Scenic Roads Corridor, and to limit the maximum size of buildings to ensure architectural compatibility with the project’s surroundings.
  3. The Planning Board will review the project as Architectural Review Board, and conduct the subdivision and site plan review, subsequent to a SEQRA review conducted by the Village Board of Trustees as Lead Agency.


Note: A previous version of the Stonehedge Subdivision was approved by the Planning Board on March 12, 2019, with 12 lots, one containing the preserved historic Minetto farmstead and 11 lots for new single-family residences





All interested parties are invited to attend via ZOOM. The proposed law and subdivision plan set will be available for inspection and review at the Village Office during normal working hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm as well as on the Village of Montebello website


Joan Will

Village Clerk – Treasurer

Village of Montebello

One Montebello Road

Montebello, NY  10901

(845) 368-2211


Warren E. Berbit

Village Attorney


February 21, 2024


Local Law 1 2024 and Stonehedge Plans

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Joan Will

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