Letter from Mayor Millman


Myself, Deputy Mayor Caridi, and Village Hall have been in constant contact with County Executive Ed Day’s office as well as the Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht.  There are constant conference calls and notices that are being received by government agencies and NYCOM that we are looking at each and every day.

At this time, Village Hall is currently closed to the public as suggested by New York State of Emergency and County Executive Ed Day’s office but we will continue to be open to the public via telephone (845 368-2211)  and email  ([email protected]).

We know that each Montebello resident will continue to adhere to the suggestion of social distancing protocol and adheres to avoiding groups of 10 or more.  Everyone should continue to be reasonable with their purchases and buying of supplies.  We hope that rationing does not need to be enforced.

For more information, you should follow:

We will do our best to inform you of any major announcements to the current protocol that is given to us by our local authorities.

We continue to be available to you.  Thank you.


Lance N. Millman
Village Mayor

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Joan Will

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