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For Everyone’s Safety, Watch These Videos

Please don’t risk your safety, as well as the safety of your co-workers and the general public. Call 811 two to 10 days prior to ANY digging activities. Hitting and damaging underground lines can result in death, injury, fines, arrests, property damage and a sizeable repair bill from O&R. Not to mention the inherent danger faced by your municipalities’ first responders.

Dig Safely NY offers a series of videos to help define the steps needed to avoid damaging underground lines. Learn more about preventing damages by watching:

This video series was designed to help you learn all the steps required in the Dig Safely process. Our goal is to keep New Yorkers safe, so whether you’re a contractor or an individual, watch the video series—AND call 811 before you dig, every time!

Also, in an effort to raise the bar for acceptable excavation safety performance, O&R and our contractors are certified in the Gold Shovel Standard program. We encourage you to consider qualifying your highway department and your contractors become certified. Find out more about this program for your municipality at https://www.digsafelynewyork.com/cep.

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