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Village Election Results

Thank you to everyone that came out and voted.  We at Village Hall look forward to working with the Mayor and Trustees. Here are the final results of the election: Lance N. Millman, Mayor for a term of four years…

Bears In Montebello REMINDER

We are blessed to be living in an area which transitions between relatively low-density residences and abutting forests and mountainous areas. Along with the natural beauty and tranquility comes inevitable contact with other creatures who call this area their home, such as deer, fox, coyote, wild turkeys and black BEARS.

Visual depicting aspects of ADA accessibility

Village Website makes strides towards ADA Compliancy

ADA compliancy updates have been applied to the Village website.  Here is what we have done: Activated One-Click Accessibility feature that appears in the left hand corner of the website and provides visitors with access to tools that help make…
Golf Ball on Tee Playing Sports on Green Fairway.

Golf Anyone!!

Mayor Millman is pleased to announce the start of the “Mayor’s Montebello Golf Group” The purpose of this group is to form a list of Montebello residents who would like to play golf and can’t find someone to play with…
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